Long Term Office Lease or Serviced Office?

Case Study (Real Client!):

Business: Marketing Agency
Size: Growing start-up
Desired location: Central Manchester
Required office: 5 dedicated desks and small meeting room

Minimum terms 5 Years 12-month term with flexibility to extend.
Area Grade A space, 700sf within a multi tenanted building. Grade A space within a professional unbranded business center.
Desks 5 5
Dedicated Meeting Room Will Need Constructing. Ready
Suppliers to manage? YES. NO
Fit out and furniture costs £10,500. £0
Annual cost:
(Rent rates + services)
£46,200 £37,800
TOTAL: £56,700 £37,800


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Facility Manager? 5 Reasons to Start Using Drone Technology

We’ve been searching for innovative technologies for 2017-2022 that might be helpful and beneficial for anyone involved in corporate facility management. We’ve learned that the continuing evolution of drone technology offers quite some innovative and exciting solutions for the world of facilities management.

At the moment most of these benefits are the outcome of unique photography capabilities. Here are just some of these benefits:

1. Assessment of roof status – especially beneficial for multiple facilities with a large roof area. A drone can detect cracks, slate damages, condition of guttering and downpipes, and even condition of objects such as an air conditioner or solar panels.

2. Assessment of hard/unsafe to reach areas – smoke stacks, chimneys, and antennas.

3. Façade inspections.

4. Quick and safe roof measurement tasks – measuring an entire roof or specific areas which single objects are occupying such as an air conditioner, solar panels, etc.

5. Monitoring the ‘behavior’ of any facility – recording detailed facility façade images/videos, in different periods of time, and then comparing the results may reveal unwanted surprises.

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Facility Manager? 2 Collaborative Robotics Solutions that will Save you Costs

As part of our continuing research concerning technology trends for 2017-2022, we’ve found that Collaborative Robotics technologies offer various benefits facility managers would want to embrace.

What is Collaborative Robotics?
Cobots (co-robots) are robots designed to collaborate either with other robots or with humans in the same workspace.

According to Grace Market Data this emerging market is expected to witness an exponential growth, with annual shipment and sales revenue from hardware and software growing at more than 42% annually through 2022.

How can it help saving on facility management costs?

1. Alternative to manual dull/dangerous human handling with zero-defect logistics processes and new levels of productivity – auto-packaging of items as an example, already offered by Universal Robots and Sawyer from RETHINK Robotics.

2. Trailer and container unloading robots will assist workers with physically strenuous tasks, again, providing new levels of productivity. FANUC America Corporation Cobots are one example.

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Facility Manager? 5 Ways 3D Printing will Save you Costs

(Image by: Roboze S.r.l)

Recently, we’ve been asked by a global facility management team of a large corporate, to help them detect the upcoming hot technology trends in the next 5 years. Then, based on these technologies we’ve been asked to detect products, solutions, and ideas that’ll enable them to quickly cut on their facility management costs.

We found 3D printing to be one of these technologies.

What is 3D Printing?
Creating physical 3D objects from a digital information source which is being ‘translated’ into the process of laying down successive layers of material.

Possible Applications for Facility Management:

1. Maintenance independence – no need to rely on expensive machine parts suppliers (maintenance agreements, pricing changes, delivery costs, paperwork etc.)
2. “Evergreen” machinery – avoiding situations where machine parts are unobtainable due to outdated machines.
3. Printing of metal substitution replacement parts on the spot.
4. Saving shipping costs – reducing the need for parts and goods to be shipped.
5. Reducing spare parts inventory costs – no need for a storeroom, no need to order spare parts in advance, “You need it? You print it”.


RedCamel Solutions Ltd. provides customized online research services for corporate real estate & facilities teams.

Facility Manager? 5 Ways Cloud Computing will Save you Costs

Following the recent technology trends research we’ve conducted for 2017-2022 for a global facility management team of a large corporate, we found that facility managers can clearly benefit and save significant costs by moving towards cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
That’s remote shared computing or remote shared servers, providing access via the Internet, that perform and/or offer data processing, management, and storage, saving the need for a local server/PC to conduct the same tasks.

Benefits for Facility Management:
1. ‘Logistics-as-a-service’ based business models – instead of the hassle and costs of deploying logistics software in the corporate while paying expensive fixed monthly/annual fees to logistics software providers, it’ll become possible to “pay-per-use” only for specific parts/modules of that software that we actually intend of using, without even having to install anything – it’s already waiting for us in the Internet.

2. 360 degrees control over the global supply chain – by moving all global supply chain process into the cloud. Imagine – one view from one dashboard at the entire corporate’s global supply chain, instead of having to handle each and every process via a separate dashboard.

3. Saving in-house computer HW costs – the more in-house software and other services move into the cloud means less in-house servers and other hardware is needed to be acquired and maintained while occupying unnecessary and expensive office space.

4. Opening/closing new offices or workspaces is being simplified – moving into the combination of a cloud (Web) based operational mode together with WiFi means saving on various operational and infrastructure adjustments and costs such as wires, wall connections, in-house tech support staff etc.

5. The ability to Scale on-demand – cloud-based infrastructure enables a company to scale-up in “good days” or during temporary large projects, or to scale-down in “bad days” very quickly, easily, and on-demand. This means precise and reduced costs – paying only for what is required without having to pay for unneeded or extra software licenses, hardware, or tech support staff.

RedCamel Solutions Ltd. provides customized online research services for corporate real estate & facilities teams.