Facility Manager? 5 Ways Cloud Computing will Save you Costs

Following the recent technology trends research we’ve conducted for 2017-2022 for a global facility management team of a large corporate, we found that facility managers can clearly benefit and save significant costs by moving towards cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
That’s remote shared computing or remote shared servers, providing access via the Internet, that perform and/or offer data processing, management, and storage, saving the need for a local server/PC to conduct the same tasks.

Benefits for Facility Management:
1. ‘Logistics-as-a-service’ based business models – instead of the hassle and costs of deploying logistics software in the corporate while paying expensive fixed monthly/annual fees to logistics software providers, it’ll become possible to “pay-per-use” only for specific parts/modules of that software that we actually intend of using, without even having to install anything – it’s already waiting for us in the Internet.

2. 360 degrees control over the global supply chain – by moving all global supply chain process into the cloud. Imagine – one view from one dashboard at the entire corporate’s global supply chain, instead of having to handle each and every process via a separate dashboard.

3. Saving in-house computer HW costs – the more in-house software and other services move into the cloud means less in-house servers and other hardware is needed to be acquired and maintained while occupying unnecessary and expensive office space.

4. Opening/closing new offices or workspaces is being simplified – moving into the combination of a cloud (Web) based operational mode together with WiFi means saving on various operational and infrastructure adjustments and costs such as wires, wall connections, in-house tech support staff etc.

5. The ability to Scale on-demand – cloud-based infrastructure enables a company to scale-up in “good days” or during temporary large projects, or to scale-down in “bad days” very quickly, easily, and on-demand. This means precise and reduced costs – paying only for what is required without having to pay for unneeded or extra software licenses, hardware, or tech support staff.

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Facility Manager? 5 Ways Internet of Things can Save you Costs

One of the never-ending quests of facility managers is finding new, innovative, and creative ideas and solutions that’ll eventually enable reduction on FM costs, wherever possible.

Following a research we’ve conducted for a global facility management team of a large corporate, we’ve found that IoT (Internet of Things) is an important technological trend facility managers should pay attention to in the next 5 years (2017 -2022).

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?
The connection of physical objects via embedded electronic sensors and software to computer networks and/or the Internet. By doing so, these objects are able to collect, ‘transmit’, and even exchange data with each other.

An object can be an office room, facility, an entire building, a truck, or a manufacturing machine. Each of these can be tracked, measured, and analyzed for any specified need. About 30 billion device connections are expected by 2020.

Here are some of the insights we’ve learned about the Internet of Things from recent researches, publications, and the technology trends forecasts of Gartner, Tech Crunch, PWC, and the World Economic Forum.

Insights and Possible Applications for Facility Management:
(1) Nanosensors being embedded in construction materials enable tracking entire buildings and facilities – from measuring temperature to construction stability and maintenance.

(2) Tracking manufacturing machinery – measuring temperature, pressure, and humidity for example, enables optimizing a machine’s performance.

(3) The optimized Warehouse – Real-time visibility on inventory levels and item conditions.

(4) Optimizing lighting and HVAC systems within facilities.

(5) Intelligent transportation – collecting data on vehicle movements and idle time to maximize fleet and asset utilization.

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Facility Manager? How Augmented Reality Technologies Will Reduce Costs

Searching for technology trends for the next 5 years (2017 – 2022), relevant for global facility management, with one goal in mind – reducing costs, we’ve found that facility managers should pay attention to augmented reality technologies.

According to DHL’s latest Logistics Technology Trend Radar, augmented reality (AR) is about to blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds in a way that dramatically changes the way corporate logistics is being planned, processed, and executed.

For example – AR Powered Warehouse
Imagine warehouse employees wearing smart glasses, navigating them to the right spot where specific packages need to be picked and scanned (barcode), all that while being integrated into the warehouse management systems.

Efficiency improves dramatically – shortening processes and time, error-free processes.
Faster warehouse employee training – everything becomes so easy.
Language flexibility.
Reducing overall costs.

According to DHL, they’ve tried AR technology via smart glasses for order picking and achieved a 25% performance increase.

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Facility Manager? 5 Technology Trends you want to Pay Attention to in the next 5 years

We’ve recently conducted a research for a VP Global Facility Management of a large multinational company. Our task is detecting technology trends that might be relevant for global facility management in the next 5 years (2017 – 2022).

About the research
It is based on the anticipation of Gartner, The World Economic Forum, PWC, DHL, UPS, and other reputable Tech Analysts and Futurists.

The results

Here are 5 technology trends (out of a list of 30) that we’ve found that facility managers should pay attention to:

IoT (Internet of Things)
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Cloud Based Services
Sensor Technology
Collaborative Robotics

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Visitors Center in Your Corporate: 5 Important Insights!

(Image above: World of Coca-Cola Visitors Center, Atlanta, GA. Used for Illustration purpose.)

Corporate visitors center is an excellent platform for any corporate to promote and strengthen their brand awareness as well as their products, especially when it concerns the younger generation of visitors.

School groups, families, and customers visiting an innovative and attractive corporate visitors center, (should) end their visit with no less than a memorable experience – for the young ones, that’s a memory they will carry for decades ahead.

For the corporate that’s an excellent long term investment.

Corporate Visitors Center: Where? When? What? How?
A large global corporate is considering the construction of an innovative visitors center in their global corporate campus. We’ve been asked by the corporate global real estate team to conduct a comprehensive online research on this topic.

Goals of this research:
• Study the experiences of other corporates who have already done this.
• Identify award winning studios and companies specializing in the construction and design of visitors centers.

We’ve uncovered many important facts, ideas, and insights during this comprehensive research.

Here are 5 important insights we’ve learned from corporates who have opened innovative visitors centers in the last 5 years:
1. Virtual reality – the use of virtual reality technology has become very popular as an innovative way to enrich visitor’s experiences and to describe ideas and concepts.

2. Extra revenue and brand awareness in one package – offering meeting spaces and meeting rooms in the visitors center for rental as a special place for corporate events (seminars, parties, seated dinners etc.). This can be combined together with factory tours.

3. Appreciating retired corporate employees – It is noticed that knowledgeable retired company veterans are employed at corporate visitors centers . No one else can tell the corporate story better than retired employees.

4. Audiences today are very interested in the behind-the-scenes operations of the business, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

5. Visit duration: in most of cases it is planned for 2 hours.

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