Global Corporate Real Estate & Facility Manager Personal “Research Engine”

Imagine you’re a Global Corporate Real Estate and/or Facilities manager working for a large corporate in the Chemical industry.

A decision has been recently taken within the corporate:
To construct a new, advanced, large-scale R&D center in the corporate’s global campus.

The entire project is under your responsibility and one of your first tasks is to locate an appropriate studio for architecture, experienced in planning large-scale R&D lab projects.

Moreover, you wish to identify at least 5 such studios for architecture which must fulfill ALL of the following criteria:

They have planned such projects…
1. …for global corporates.
2. …in North America/Western Europe.
3. …for at least 15K sq ft of R&D labs, preferably in the same sector.
4. …that have been completed within the last 5 years.

Additionally, you want the names and contact details of the specific architects involved.

Will Google provide the answer…?
Obviously, simple and quick Google search queries will never get you the laser-targeted answers you’re looking for. An in-depth, detailed, human-made research is needed!

Personal “Research Engine”
Think of someone who’s an expert at reaching the most relevant information sources for your project from within the Internet “ocean”. That someone then filters and studies the relevant information, and finally leaves professional research that answers your questions on your desk.

Want to amaze your corporate with precious information that has never been researched by anyone else before?

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How to Measure an Open Area/Asset in Minutes Without Leaving the Office

As part of my job as an Online Research expert supporting Real Estate & Facilities teams, I’ve been recently asked by a Corporate Global Real Estate VP to detect the location of all of the privately held global real estate assets and facilities that belonged to a large corporate that they were about to acquire.

One of the tasks was to find out the total area, in sq ft, of several facilities in one specific location.

The problem…
(1) The entire online research needed to be done confidentially, so there was no one to ask.
(2) No information concerning the area of these facilities could be found online.

The solution!
I thought to myself: “There must be a way to measure these facilities without actually being there…” I immediately thought of Google maps, and together with the free area measurement tool, I was able to complete the task in less than 2 minutes.

How it works?
(1) Indicate the requested geo location.
(2) Pin the markers around the desired asset/area that you wish to measure.
(3) Scroll down to get the measurement results

Measurement Results available
Sq ft, Sq m, km², Acres, Hectares, Perimeter Output

Good luck!

The Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Manager’s Secret Savior!

The Corporate VP Real Estate had just been notified by the board of directors that he needed to attend an important meeting in two weeks, concerning a critical issue which is under his responsibility:

“Prepare yourself; we’re expecting answers. Based on your answers critical organizational decisions will be taken.”

The VP is already busy with a million other ‘burning’ issues hanging over his head.
The clock starts ticking!

He knows that…
The information he currently has is insufficient.
Most of the required information is on the Internet…somewhere…
He needs someone to research, and study the subject thoroughly so he can get the answers.

The problems
Time is short, all team members are stressed and busy already.
None of them are proficient at online research.
Task is demanding – it requires someone working full-time for the next two weeks.

What he needs?
An experienced online research professional who…
(1) Specializes in corporate real estate and facilities research projects.
(2) Already has a proven track record in similar projects for large corporates.
(3) Can work full-time on the project.

Someone who will get him clear answers for the upcoming board meeting.

He needs a SAVIOR!

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Global Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Manager? You Wouldn’t Believe what an Online Research Expert can Find for you…

An Online Research Expert, specializing in Global Corporate Real Estate studies, changes the way that Global Corporate Real Estate & Facilities managers and their teams work, and to be more precise – the way they make their decisions.

What’s an Online Research Expert?
It’s someone who specializes at detecting and collecting many small pieces of information scattered all over the Internet, who then assembles that information into one complete unique ‘Puzzle’. That ‘Puzzle’ then reveals valuable information which can’t be found anywhere else.

How can it help Global Corporate RE & Facilities Managers?
With ‘tailor-made’ research, Global Corporate RE & facilities managers and their teams can obtain answers to critical questions that bother them, knowing that these questions have never been answered or researched by anyone else before.

Example (true story):
A large global corporate (with thousands of employees) decided to relocate from several sites in the city to a new global corporate headquarters. They considered transforming their workspace environment from closed ‘silo’ offices to open space – a critical move with serious implications.

A special board meeting was set to discuss this important issue.

The Global RE VP – the key person in the corporate office under whom responsibility for this issue falls, wanted to be well prepared for the meeting with as much insight as possible together with the answers, and, if possible – conclusions, to enable the board members make the right decisions.

The Global RE VP contacted an Online Research Expert who specializes in Global Corporate RE & Facilities studies, and asked the following:

“Please detect 5 global organizations that have already been through the same process and study their cases: the advantages, the drawbacks, the conclusions and recommendations.”

His specifications included:
(1) Preferably from the same industry.
(2) Of similar size to the corporate.
(3) The change must have taken place within the last 5 years.
(4) Must be located in North America or Western Europe only.

The result
The Online Research Expert undertook comprehensive web-based research and here is what he found:

7 similar corporates that went through the same process were detected.

Valuable conclusions and evidence (including drawbacks and advantages) change management and key executives working in/for those organizations were detected, collected, and processed.

Valuable statistics and employee surveys describing the satisfaction of the employees with regard to the change were detected, collected, and processed.

Eventually, based on the web-based research, decisions were taken at the board meeting which influenced thousands of employees.

Sounds interesting?
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Few more words about our proficiency

Welcome to RedCamel Solutions Ltd.
We’re experts in conducting web-based researches for corporate real estate and facilities teams.

Our proficiency ranges from comprehensive real estate, facilities, and global assets related studies to detecting candidates, professionals, and professional service providers.

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