If you’re managing your corporate real estate and/or facilities, then the words: “innovation”, “efficiency”, and “cost saving” are probably on the top of your mind every day at work. Seeking these 3 goals is a never-ending and challenging task.

One way of dealing with this task is obviously by periodically sharing ideas, brainstorming, and consulting with your team as well as with external advisors and experts.

However, there’s another resource you’ve probably haven’t been using, which is immediately available, surprisingly creative, which your corporate is already paying for…

The Corporate Employees
Yes, those whom the corporate real estate and facilities were intended to serve, whom are using them for hours – day by day. Has anyone in the organization ever thought of asking the employees whether any “innovative”, “efficiency” or “cost saving” ideas ever crossed their mind while using the corporate real estate and facilities?

Getting Inspired by the Wisdom of Crowds
When you encourage, reward, and truly enable the employees to unleash their creasiest ideas and even ideas they might consider as “stupid”, then that’s where real “innovation” is getting into the game.

This can be a fascinating process, especially with large organizations with hundreds and thousands of employees.

Fresh and innovative corporate real estate and facility management ideas you’ve never thought of might pop-in, that’s because it comes from a completely new and different perspective – the angle of an employee who understands nothing about RE Management or FM…

How to Transform Ideas into Results?
Is it possible? Has it already been tested and implemented by organizations? The answer is YES. In order to make this nice theory transform into reality you need to implement an idea & innovation management platform in the organization.

Qmarkets developed such platforms – their platforms help clients to tackle a variety of strategic business challenges, including employee innovation, continuous improvement, technology scouting, business transformation, and open innovation.

By Yaron Lavi, Sr. Research Consultant to Corporate Real Estate, FM, and Workplace Dev. Executives
Yaron provides unique research projects in the areas of corporate real estate, FM, and workplace management. Among his top clients: the VP Global Real Estate, VP Global FM, and the Head Architect of a multi-billion-dollar global company (Active in 60 countries, 50K employees, 300 sites, 9M sqm).