(Image by: Roboze S.r.l)

Recently, we’ve been asked by a global facility management team of a large corporate, to help them detect the upcoming hot technology trends in the next 5 years. Then, based on these technologies we’ve been asked to detect products, solutions, and ideas that’ll enable them to quickly cut on their facility management costs.

We found 3D printing to be one of these technologies.

What is 3D Printing?
Creating physical 3D objects from a digital information source which is being ‘translated’ into the process of laying down successive layers of material.

Possible Applications for Facility Management:

1. Maintenance independence – no need to rely on expensive machine parts suppliers (maintenance agreements, pricing changes, delivery costs, paperwork etc.)
2. “Evergreen” machinery – avoiding situations where machine parts are unobtainable due to outdated machines.
3. Printing of metal substitution replacement parts on the spot.
4. Saving shipping costs – reducing the need for parts and goods to be shipped.
5. Reducing spare parts inventory costs – no need for a storeroom, no need to order spare parts in advance, “You need it? You print it”.


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