Searching for technology trends for the next 5 years (2017 – 2022), relevant for global facility management, with one goal in mind – reducing costs, we’ve found that facility managers should pay attention to augmented reality technologies.

According to DHL’s latest Logistics Technology Trend Radar, augmented reality (AR) is about to blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds in a way that dramatically changes the way corporate logistics is being planned, processed, and executed.

For example – AR Powered Warehouse
Imagine warehouse employees wearing smart glasses, navigating them to the right spot where specific packages need to be picked and scanned (barcode), all that while being integrated into the warehouse management systems.

Efficiency improves dramatically – shortening processes and time, error-free processes.
Faster warehouse employee training – everything becomes so easy.
Language flexibility.
Reducing overall costs.

According to DHL, they’ve tried AR technology via smart glasses for order picking and achieved a 25% performance increase.

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