Following the recent technology trends research we’ve conducted for 2017-2022 for a global facility management team of a large corporate, we found that facility managers can clearly benefit and save significant costs by moving towards cloud computing.

What is Cloud Computing?
That’s remote shared computing or remote shared servers, providing access via the Internet, that perform and/or offer data processing, management, and storage, saving the need for a local server/PC to conduct the same tasks.

Benefits for Facility Management:
1. ‘Logistics-as-a-service’ based business models – instead of the hassle and costs of deploying logistics software in the corporate while paying expensive fixed monthly/annual fees to logistics software providers, it’ll become possible to “pay-per-use” only for specific parts/modules of that software that we actually intend of using, without even having to install anything – it’s already waiting for us in the Internet.

2. 360 degrees control over the global supply chain – by moving all global supply chain process into the cloud. Imagine – one view from one dashboard at the entire corporate’s global supply chain, instead of having to handle each and every process via a separate dashboard.

3. Saving in-house computer HW costs – the more in-house software and other services move into the cloud means less in-house servers and other hardware is needed to be acquired and maintained while occupying unnecessary and expensive office space.

4. Opening/closing new offices or workspaces is being simplified – moving into the combination of a cloud (Web) based operational mode together with WiFi means saving on various operational and infrastructure adjustments and costs such as wires, wall connections, in-house tech support staff etc.

5. The ability to Scale on-demand – cloud-based infrastructure enables a company to scale-up in “good days” or during temporary large projects, or to scale-down in “bad days” very quickly, easily, and on-demand. This means precise and reduced costs – paying only for what is required without having to pay for unneeded or extra software licenses, hardware, or tech support staff.

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