We’ve been searching for innovative technologies for 2017-2022 that might be helpful and beneficial for anyone involved in corporate facility management. We’ve learned that the continuing evolution of drone technology offers quite some innovative and exciting solutions for the world of facilities management.

At the moment most of these benefits are the outcome of unique photography capabilities. Here are just some of these benefits:

1. Assessment of roof status – especially beneficial for multiple facilities with a large roof area. A drone can detect cracks, slate damages, condition of guttering and downpipes, and even condition of objects such as an air conditioner or solar panels.

2. Assessment of hard/unsafe to reach areas – smoke stacks, chimneys, and antennas.

3. Façade inspections.

4. Quick and safe roof measurement tasks – measuring an entire roof or specific areas which single objects are occupying such as an air conditioner, solar panels, etc.

5. Monitoring the ‘behavior’ of any facility – recording detailed facility façade images/videos, in different periods of time, and then comparing the results may reveal unwanted surprises.

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