One of the never-ending quests of facility managers is finding new, innovative, and creative ideas and solutions that’ll eventually enable reduction on FM costs, wherever possible.

Following a research we’ve conducted for a global facility management team of a large corporate, we’ve found that IoT (Internet of Things) is an important technological trend facility managers should pay attention to in the next 5 years (2017 -2022).

What is IoT (Internet of Things)?
The connection of physical objects via embedded electronic sensors and software to computer networks and/or the Internet. By doing so, these objects are able to collect, ‘transmit’, and even exchange data with each other.

An object can be an office room, facility, an entire building, a truck, or a manufacturing machine. Each of these can be tracked, measured, and analyzed for any specified need. About 30 billion device connections are expected by 2020.

Here are some of the insights we’ve learned about the Internet of Things from recent researches, publications, and the technology trends forecasts of Gartner, Tech Crunch, PWC, and the World Economic Forum.

Insights and Possible Applications for Facility Management:
(1) Nanosensors being embedded in construction materials enable tracking entire buildings and facilities – from measuring temperature to construction stability and maintenance.

(2) Tracking manufacturing machinery – measuring temperature, pressure, and humidity for example, enables optimizing a machine’s performance.

(3) The optimized Warehouse – Real-time visibility on inventory levels and item conditions.

(4) Optimizing lighting and HVAC systems within facilities.

(5) Intelligent transportation – collecting data on vehicle movements and idle time to maximize fleet and asset utilization.

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