Where do you collect the information for the research from?

Public, open and paid information sources from across the internet.
Via our global network of connections with over 2,000 CRE, FM, and Workplace Dev. professionals and executives.

What topics do you cover?

Anything related to corporate/commercial real estate management, FM, Workplace dev., planning,
construction, maintenance and more. Contact us for more details.

Is the research being generated by a ‘machine’?

No. Although we are being assisted by various information search technologies,
the entire research process is being conducted by a human – one of our team members.

How reliable is the information you collect?

One of our duties is verifying the reliability of the collected information.
We use various techniques to assure that – cross-checking information sources
is one example. In any case, whenever there’s insufficient information
to assure the reliability of a collected piece of information, we will indicate
it in the final report. Other than that, information sources will be indicated
in the completed research.

How long does it take to complete a research request?

It really depends on various factors such as, the availability of relevant
information (search time), the amount of information found,
and the time it takes us to learn and process it into an organized, clear,
and ‘user-friendly’ research document (processing time). It can range
from several hours to weeks.

What do I get by the end of a research request?

A professional, clear, and ‘user-friendly’ research document in PDF/Word/Excel format.

How do you charge for the service?

By the hour or fixed monthly fee.

What if I need the research to include a PowerPoint presentation?

No problem, just indicate that before we begin researching.

What are the reasons your clients have chosen to work with you?

Our research provides valuable and outstanding benefits based on integrity, devotion and professionalism.

What other services do you offer?

Consulting services. Contact us for more details.