As part of my job as an Online Research expert supporting Real Estate & Facilities teams, I’ve been recently asked by a Corporate Global Real Estate VP to detect the location of all of the privately held global real estate assets and facilities that belonged to a large corporate that they were about to acquire.

One of the tasks was to find out the total area, in sq ft, of several facilities in one specific location.

The problem…
(1) The entire online research needed to be done confidentially, so there was no one to ask.
(2) No information concerning the area of these facilities could be found online.

The solution!
I thought to myself: “There must be a way to measure these facilities without actually being there…” I immediately thought of Google maps, and together with the free area measurement tool, I was able to complete the task in less than 2 minutes.

How it works?
(1) Indicate the requested geo location.
(2) Pin the markers around the desired asset/area that you wish to measure.
(3) Scroll down to get the measurement results

Measurement Results available
Sq ft, Sq m, km², Acres, Hectares, Perimeter Output

Good luck!