Imagine you’re a Global Corporate Real Estate and/or Facilities manager working for a large corporate in the Chemical industry.

A decision has been recently taken within the corporate:
To construct a new, advanced, large-scale R&D center in the corporate’s global campus.

The entire project is under your responsibility and one of your first tasks is to locate an appropriate studio for architecture, experienced in planning large-scale R&D lab projects.

Moreover, you wish to identify at least 5 such studios for architecture which must fulfill ALL of the following criteria:

They have planned such projects…
1. …for global corporates.
2. …in North America/Western Europe.
3. …for at least 15K sq ft of R&D labs, preferably in the same sector.
4. …that have been completed within the last 5 years.

Additionally, you want the names and contact details of the specific architects involved.

Will Google provide the answer…?
Obviously, simple and quick Google search queries will never get you the laser-targeted answers you’re looking for. An in-depth, detailed, human-made research is needed!

Personal “Research Engine”
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