How have we enabled 5 entrepreneurs to develop one-of-a-kind business project with minimal risks and max. success rate?

5 ambitious and experienced business entrepreneurs have identified a business opportunity and wanted to develop it into a profitable business. Before investing a single dollar, they wanted to get a clear picture around the possible success rate as well as identifying unexpected “surprises” that might pop-up.

In our business research project, we’ve assembled within 4 months, a massive “puzzle” made of priceless information, based mostly on: identifying, communicating with, face-to-face meetings, and interviews by reaching dozens of relevant contacts including – R&D people, business development experts, and other entrepreneurs who have already tried and failed developing a similar project.

The final picture was clear – high success rate for the entire project!
We’ve learned from the mistakes of others who failed.
New original ideas we never thought of have popped-up.
New business collaborations have been initiated.
Moreover, in our research we’ve already detected the first clients that are willing to pay, what assures a very quick return on the required investment.