Our client was interested in mapping ten in-campus/headquarters conference and training centers of large global organizations from various sectors.

We were asked to detect these global organizations based on these specifications and requirements:
(1) Conference/training center has been completed in the last 5 years.
(2) Included in the main campus/headquarters area.
(3) Total area.
(4) Conference rooms: How many? Their size? Number of participants?
(5) Availability of variable spaces.
(6) Auditorium: included/not? Seats? Area? Formation?
(7) Foyer: Yes/No? Area?
(8) Restaurant included? Area?
(9) Reception and registration area included?
(10) Technology: screens, audio, control room, evacuation system, etc.
(11) Get their architectural programs.
(12) Detect relevant contact people in these organizations who can provide more details – obtain their phone and email.