How have we enabled the business development manager, of a company which is considered to be a business leader in their field, to tighten their grip in their market?

The business development manager decided that the growth opportunities in their existing market are limited. He decided to try and target a completely new audience of potential clients.

In our business research project, we’ve been requested to prepare the ground for immediate and future sales by mapping extensively an audience of decision makers in highly-targeted potential clients, with a very specific profile, identified as with high chances of becoming new clients.

In 30 days of extensive research, 20 contacts have been detected, representing 20 companies with high potential of becoming new clients. After opening a direct and personal communication with each one of them, asking whether assimilating our client’s product in their organization is an option – the responses we’ve got are:

“Sounds interesting – let’s talk!”
“Let me check in the organization”
“Might be interesting in a few months”.