The Corporate VP Real Estate had just been notified by the board of directors that he needed to attend an important meeting in two weeks, concerning a critical issue which is under his responsibility:

“Prepare yourself; we’re expecting answers. Based on your answers critical organizational decisions will be taken.”

The VP is already busy with a million other ‘burning’ issues hanging over his head.
The clock starts ticking!

He knows that…
The information he currently has is insufficient.
Most of the required information is on the Internet…somewhere…
He needs someone to research, and study the subject thoroughly so he can get the answers.

The problems
Time is short, all team members are stressed and busy already.
None of them are proficient at online research.
Task is demanding – it requires someone working full-time for the next two weeks.

What he needs?
An experienced online research professional who…
(1) Specializes in corporate real estate and facilities research projects.
(2) Already has a proven track record in similar projects for large corporates.
(3) Can work full-time on the project.

Someone who will get him clear answers for the upcoming board meeting.

He needs a SAVIOR!

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