As part of our continuing research concerning technology trends for 2017-2022, we’ve found that Collaborative Robotics technologies offer various benefits facility managers would want to embrace.

What is Collaborative Robotics?
Cobots (co-robots) are robots designed to collaborate either with other robots or with humans in the same workspace.

According to Grace Market Data this emerging market is expected to witness an exponential growth, with annual shipment and sales revenue from hardware and software growing at more than 42% annually through 2022.

How can it help saving on facility management costs?

1. Alternative to manual dull/dangerous human handling with zero-defect logistics processes and new levels of productivity – auto-packaging of items as an example, already offered by Universal Robots and Sawyer from RETHINK Robotics.

2. Trailer and container unloading robots will assist workers with physically strenuous tasks, again, providing new levels of productivity. FANUC America Corporation Cobots are one example.

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