(Image above: World of Coca-Cola Visitors Center, Atlanta, GA. Used for Illustration purpose.)

Corporate visitors center is an excellent platform for any corporate to promote and strengthen their brand awareness as well as their products, especially when it concerns the younger generation of visitors.

School groups, families, and customers visiting an innovative and attractive corporate visitors center, (should) end their visit with no less than a memorable experience – for the young ones, that’s a memory they will carry for decades ahead.

For the corporate that’s an excellent long term investment.

Corporate Visitors Center: Where? When? What? How?
A large global corporate is considering the construction of an innovative visitors center in their global corporate campus. We’ve been asked by the corporate global real estate team to conduct a comprehensive online research on this topic.

Goals of this research:
• Study the experiences of other corporates who have already done this.
• Identify award winning studios and companies specializing in the construction and design of visitors centers.

We’ve uncovered many important facts, ideas, and insights during this comprehensive research.

Here are 5 important insights we’ve learned from corporates who have opened innovative visitors centers in the last 5 years:
1. Virtual reality – the use of virtual reality technology has become very popular as an innovative way to enrich visitor’s experiences and to describe ideas and concepts.

2. Extra revenue and brand awareness in one package – offering meeting spaces and meeting rooms in the visitors center for rental as a special place for corporate events (seminars, parties, seated dinners etc.). This can be combined together with factory tours.

3. Appreciating retired corporate employees – It is noticed that knowledgeable retired company veterans are employed at corporate visitors centers . No one else can tell the corporate story better than retired employees.

4. Audiences today are very interested in the behind-the-scenes operations of the business, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

5. Visit duration: in most of cases it is planned for 2 hours.

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